Building spiritually strong ministry leaders who impact the world for Christ.

  • To see a revived pastor leading a healthy church.
  • To see healthy cross-cultural workers having great impact in their ministry context.
  • To see healthy churches so effective that nothing is holding them back from being catalysts to fulfilling the Great Commission. After all, God has chosen to do what He is doing through this organism we call the Local Church.
  • This vision, however, is bigger than just seeing spiritual leaders become healthy again. Yes, we want to see discouraged pastors reclaim their passion for preaching, leading and serving. Yes,we long to see cross-cultural workers in crisis restored and renewed. Yes, we want to see all of them experience a healthy marriage. Yes, we want to witness healing where there has been loss; ultimately, we want this so spiritually healthy leaders and churches will be heavily engaged in the mission of giving every man, woman and child repeated opportunities to hear and receive the gospel of Jesus.