“With the high rate of burnout and perpetual loneliness many pastors face, there is a great need for shepherds. I am thankful to see a
ministry whose aim is to bring grace to servants in need for the sake of individuals, families, churches and the kingdom. Pastors need to be pastored, too, and this is an answer to prayer.”

-J. Carr (Pastor in Augusta, GA)

“As pastors, we struggle with issues of identity, worth, temptation, disappointment.. We are people! Yet, many in the faith communities we shepherd expect us to hove everything together …and quite hon­estly we don’t. We need someone to come alongside us that con understand the unique struggles of ministry and be able to extend truth, grace, and refreshment. The folks at Fruitful Vine have been through deep waters personally and hove been called by God to help others navigate the treacherous waters of ministry and life.”

-J.Shipman. (Church Planting Leader in SC)

“The loneliness of ministry can be overwhelming and yet often unaddressed The pastor is a sheep; the leader is a follower We all need the Great Shepherd to core for us; a ministry like this is a great way to give the Lord access to leaders – by the hands of leaders, from the heart of a leader, for the soul of a leader Praise the Lord for people like those a t Fruitful Vine. Their willingness to step into the mess is on essential ministry to the Body of Christ.”

-D.Handy. (Pastor in NC)

“Those called by God to serve as pastors in His church hove received a High and Holy calling. Theirs is a unique role of servant, teacher, pas­ tor and leader in the body of Christ and the building of God’s king­dom. They too need to be loved, mentored, coached and cared for. Ibelieve Fruitful Vine Ministry IS greatly needed and will be of tremen­dous help to those in the front lines of ministry leadership.”

-C.Mackey (Cru Staff NC)